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ARA Building Services is an insurance building repairs specialist. Our team of licensed, qualified tradespeople have the experience and training necessary to carry out complex rectifications for insurance claims and disaster relief. […]

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Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging or thermography uses thermal cameras to detect equipment faults that are not visible to the naked eye. An effective method for finding building problems before they become dangerous and costly, many insurance companies now require regular building thermal imaging checks. Our qualified electricians and thermographers with level 1 […]

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Catastrophe response

ARA Building Services offers emergency response services in the event of natural disasters and other catastrophic events. We have the necessary systems, experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive catastrophe response (including commercial and residential refurbishment) to the areas in proximity to our office locations. We provide the following as part […]

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At ARA Building Services, compliance and safety are our top priorities. Our expert technicians will inspect, test and service your safety devices, to ensure they meet legislative safety standards. This will not only keep your tenants safe, but will protect your business from fines, liability for accidents, and the rejection […]

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Abseil services

Our abseil services provide complete access solutions that go beyond conventional scaffolding access. Using ropes and specialised drone equipment, our abseil services are an innovative and safe alternative to reaching hard-to-access areas. Our abseil services include: Height safety systems Fixed ladders Fall arrest lifelines Caged ladders Anchor points Walkways Access platforms […]

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Joint sealants

ARA Building Services provides the specialist service of joint sealing and waterproofing. Often carried out in council carpark buildings and other large concrete structures, ARA Building Services has the specialists available to assess buildings and seal joints to prevent water affecting the structure and durability of the concrete. We specialise […]

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ARA Building Services specialises in wall finishes, render upgrades and refurbishments and can apply polymer render systems and protective coatings from all major suppliers.  Over time, buildings mature at varying speeds depending on the external fabric construction. Façade materials can last five to more than 20 years and can be […]

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Internal refurbishment

ARA Building Services provides internal refurbishment solutions to both commercial and domestic properties. With our wealth of experience, our specialist and experience team can manage all aspects of your project, from developing the overall look and feel through to taking care of the building technicalities. Our internal refurbishment services include: […]

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Heritage restoration

The ARA Building Services team has vast experience in remediation of heritage buildings and structures. Over many years, ARA Building Services has been involved in large scale building restorations for various clients, including a major City Hall restoration in sandstone, prominent bridge restorations in timber and steelwork, and numerous heritage […]

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Epoxy flooring

ARA Building Services is an approved applicator of all major epoxy flooring systems. Recommended by major manufacturers, our skilled team advise on the right coating system for your needs – whether it is required for slip resistance, durability, quick curing, abrasion resistance, colour stability or a combination of these. We […]

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Structural repair

ARA Building Services is a national leader in the structural repair of commercial, large residential, educational industrial or government buildings. Our structural repair capabilities include: Demolition and reconstruction of balconies beyond repair Carbon fibre slab strengthening Helifix stainless steel brick ties Prestressed lintels Sika wrap column strengthening Epoxy injection and […]

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Concrete repair

ARA Building Services provides highly effective concrete repairs. Concrete cancer can be identified by the expanding reinforcing in concrete resulting in rust stains, flaking concrete (spalling) or dangerous chunks that have broken away and possibly fallen to the ground. Concrete spalling is unsightly and without the correct treatment will inevitably […]

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Cathodic protection

Cathodic protection devices protect submerged and underground metallic structures such as ships, pipelines, or cables from corrosion. Cathodic protection systems use an electric current or an electrically dissimilar metal to reduce or reverse the effects of corrosion or rusting. ARA Building Services uses universally accepted and proven technology to repair […]

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Waterproofing and tiling

ARA Building Services has the waterproofing and tiling specialists to provide the right membrane and tiling solutions ensure your property is water tight. Approved by the majority of membrane manufacturers, ARA Building Services specialise in identifying water leak sources and applying the right membrane solution. We apply a range of […]

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Brickwork repair

The skilled brick and mortar team at ARA Building Services are specialists in identifying and repairing all brickwork problems. Our team can carry out the following: Install cavity flashing Replace lintels Replace or repair wall flashings Retrofit brick ties Repair remedial bricks or upgrade mortar Provide waterproofing or membrane coatings […]

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Demolition and make good

ARA Building Services provides demolition works, and can make good or strip out existing fit-outs. Demolition and make good projects require expert project management and planning. ARA Building Services work together with clients and building managers to ensure the project performs at peak levels, reducing disruption and hazards to any […]

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In-house Joinery

ARA Building Services offers a complete one stop service with all custom joinery to meet detailed design requirements. Our workmanship and attention to detail begins in the design stages, and follows us right through to the manufacture and completion of the project, with constant monitoring during the entire process to […]

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ARA Building Services Construct


The ARA Building Services team has been constructing and delivering high quality commercial fit-outs for years. With broad experience working in a range of industries – commercial, retail, health, financial, hospitality, government and industrial – ARA Building Services is known for our ability to plan, design and execute complete commercial fit-out projects. […]

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Maintenance services

ARA Building Services is a national leader facility maintenance and asset management to the public and private sectors. Offering comprehensive maintenance and repairs to large commercial, industrial, financial and government facilities across Australia, ARA Building Services ensures reactive and planned maintenance services are executed without delay. Our ARA Building Services […]

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Remedial construction

ARA Building Services continues to consolidate our position as a leader in the building remediation industry. ARA Building Services has developed this leading reputation in remedial construction by continuing to focus on performance and ensuring clients’ experiences are unsurpassable. Conscious of the need for effective service in the remedial industry, […]

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Commercial fit-out

Constructing quality, functional spaces with attention to detail. ARA Building Services has grown to be a leading national contractor with a diversified construction portfolio specialising in commercial fit-out. We’ve built our reputation by focusing on the service we deliver to clients and ensuring clients are satisfied with every job. We don’t […]

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Industry Specialisation

A part of the ARA Group, ARA Security has a strong focus on safety, quality and risk management. Our experience in meeting the expectations in the government, corporate, defence and financial sectors makes ARA Security the ideal choice for any commercial or industrial security project.



From retail shop fit-outs to planned maintenance services.



ARA Building Services can provide savings to the education sector through innovative solutions.



ARA Building Services has the skills, processes and focus on safety and quality to undertake any government work.



From commercial fit-outs to remedial construction and maintenance services on commercial buildings, ARA Building Services has undertaken many commercial projects.