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Cathodic protection devices protect submerged and underground metallic structures such as ships, pipelines, or cables from corrosion.

Cathodic protection systems use an electric current or an electrically dissimilar metal to reduce or reverse the effects of corrosion or rusting.

ARA Building Services uses universally accepted and proven technology to repair structures and provide cathodic protection, incorporating sacrificial anode systems, drilled in and with recess wiring, configured for long term protection against chlorides and carbonation of concrete. We also apply concrete soluble chloride reducers to concrete and importantly work in close liaison with consulting engineers.

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Reliable solutions for large facilities

ARA Building Services is a leading national supplier of building maintenance services, asset management and construction services to large facility clients, with our foundation companies servicing this specialist area since 1980. We work with large educational, retail, commercial and industrial, and government facilities across Australia providing comprehensive construction and building maintenance and repairs in four key capability areas:

Commercial fit-out

Constructing quality, functional spaces with attention to detail.

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Remedial construction

ARA Building Services are the leading providers of remedial construction services, offering custom solutions to tackle a wide range of structural issues in buildings.

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Maintenance services

From routine servicing and preventive maintenance to emergency repairs and system upgrades, our team is fully equipped to handle a wide variety of maintenance tasks.

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Our team of licensed, qualified tradespeople have the experience and training necessary to carry out complex rectifications to commercial, strata and domestic properties for insurance claims and disaster relief.

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Industry Specialisation

ARA Building Services is a versatile provider of building maintenance and remedial construction solutions, serving a diverse range of sectors including commercial, retail, government and education. 



From retail shop fit-outs to planned maintenance services.



ARA Building Services can provide savings to the education sector through innovative solutions.



ARA Building Services has the skills, processes and focus on safety and quality to undertake any government work.



From commercial fit-outs to remedial construction and maintenance services on commercial buildings, ARA Building Services has undertaken many commercial projects.