Inspection and Compliance

ARA Building are experts in carrying out inspections for external façade fire safety on high rise buildings and making any updates in order to comply with the current code.

Meeting the current requirement is one of the most important aspects in keeping the building and its occupants safe and limiting the spread of fire via the external wall and between adjacent buildings.

We specialise in:

  • Ensuring compliance with the relevant Australian standards and National Construction Code
  • Fire performance assessments of two common cases – External wall vs. External Wall Cladding / Attachment
  • External Walls
    • Testing of Fire Resistance Level (FRL)
    • Assessment of non-combustibility
    • Material Fire hazard properties
  • External Wall Cladding / Attachment
    • Material Fire hazard properties
    • Proximity to required exits
    • Risk of fire spread
    • Impairment of fire resistance level
  • Qualified Fire Safety Engineer
  • CodeMark Certificates of Conformity – Materials & Method of Design
    • Application to a specific site and assessment of approved conditions and limitations.