Compliance and safety are our top priorities. Our expert technicians will inspect, test and service your safety devices, ensuring that they meet legislative safety standards. This will not only keep your tenants safe; it will protect you from fines, liability for accidents, and the rejection of insurance claims.


Window Locks

To ensure compliancy and prevent accidental injury or death, ARA Compliance offers a comprehensive on-site inspection service.


Smoke Alarm

Installation, inspection, and testing of smoke alarms to meet Australian Standard.  We also provide a certificate of compliance upon completion of inspection.


Pool Compliance

Inspection of pool fence or barrier to meet legislative standards.

  • Provide a report with a detailed breakdown of the non-compliant sections, including the further steps needed to comply.
  • Issue certificate of compliancy.


Blinds, Window Cords

Often overlooked by owners, blind and window cords constitute a very real threat to small children.


Safety Switch

Installation, maintenance, repair and inspection of:

  • Safety switches on switchboards
  • Power points


Building Compliance

Assesses planning and construction practices throughout the entire process, including:

  • Construction certificates
  • Complying development certificates
  • Occupation certificates
  • Fire safety inspections
  • BCA compliance
  • Fire safety upgrade reports