A nondescript two-storey house in Emu Plains was hiding an enormous hydroponic marijuana plantation until last year, when the illegal crops and equipment caught fire and burned the house down. The fire ravaged the house, leaving nothing but the brickwork.

Allen & Newton, known for their expertise in organising building repairs, were tasked with the enormous job of rebuilding the house. To complete the reconstruction, Allen & Newton had to hire approximately 50 different subcontractors.

Since almost all of the house was destroyed in the blaze, Allen & Newton subcontracted tradespeople from all disciplines. From electricians and plumbers to air conditioning specialists, carpenters, plasterers and painters, the team have been expertly coordinated by Allen & Newton to complete the reconstruction as quickly as possible.

The house is expected to be to fully repaired and on the market shortly, and Allen & Newton’s versatile capabilities as a remedial construction company have again been demonstrated.