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abseil access solutions
BASE abseil access solutions leads the industry in the provision of complete access solutions using ropes beyond conventional scaffolding access. Base teams include trades qualified painters and renderers, as well as non-trades - abseil access technicians. BASE regularly perform small and large projects extending from concrete cancer treatment, façade make-safe to rendering and complete building repaints. BASE abseil access solutions provide services in 3 main areas: Building Repair & Maintenance
  • Remedial Repainting
  • Façade rendering
  • Façade make safe
  • Window leak remedial
  • Façade remedial repairs
  • Downpipe installation
  • Confined spaces remedial work
  • Glass replacement
  Window & Facade Cleaning
  • Pure Water Cleaning
  • High Rise Buildings Over 4 Stories
  • Low Rise Buildings Under 4 Stories
  • Atrium Cleaning
  • Window rejuvenation
  • Builders clean
  • Access via BMU or EWP
  • Balustrades & Balconies
  Height Safety Systems BASE provides complete rope and net access systems and height safety solutions throughout Australia.
  • Aluminium Systems
  • Cooling Tower Platforms
  • Access Platforms
  • Fixed Ladders
  • Fall Arrest Lifelines
  • Caged Ladders
  • Anchor Points
  • Warning Signs
  • Access stairs
  • Walkways
  • Aluminium Gantries
  • Platforms
  • Anchor Testing
  • Roof Jockeys
  • Traversing Gantries
  • Anchor Testing

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BASE Abseil Access Solutions




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